African Pastors Risk Everything For Jesus

It’s difficult to imagine what Christians across Southern and Central Africa have lived through over the past year. We’ve all grappled with the Covid challenges and the continuing economic fallout from repeated state-induced lockdowns.

To add to the anxietyviolence of all sorts is rising. Africa has some of the most violent countries in the world, and Christians across the continent live under the constant threat of both persecution and out-of-control crime that comes with living in a pagan, lawless (or subjectively applied laws) society, where life means little.

But now, you can make a real difference for these believers. The challenges are huge—but the Body of Christ is bigger!

I think about pastors like Vuyo, who came to faith in Christ after years of gangsterism; and Sinikowhom gangsters tried to murder when they shot him three times in his church.

Siniko still bears the scars from the attack. He has every reason to cower in fear, but instead quotes the Apostle Paul in Acts 21:13, “What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be imprisoned but even to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” 

He views his physical scars as a witness to the greatness of GodAnd you’ve helped Vuyo and Siniko, and others like them. Will you please consider doing the same for the thousands of other pastors and Christians in Africa who are in desperate need?

Thank you in advance—and please remember us, your brothers, and sisters in Africa, in prayer. The pandemic may be retreating from your society, but it has left devastation across our continent—and violence has intensified.

Just a quick glimpse of ministry life: We have two teenage boyswho dropped out of our Soldiers for Christ ministry program in Stone Hill, who are in juvenile detention awaiting trial for a double murder.

While I write this newsletter to you, our family is in isolation due to my daughter testing positive for Covid. After isolation, I hope to gain the support of their social workers who can pave the way for me to visit and minister to them!

Facebook disabled my account – with no explanation on their part. So, quick updates and sharing encouraging ministry reports with friends, partners, and followers, seems to be something of the past.

Siniko is a leader in the Pastors Against Church Closures ministry and Vuyo is planting another churchin a dangerous area. We’d love to support them and their suffering congregation members through our Project Joseph Gospel outreach and feeding ministry

Won’t you please help us, help them?  

God bless you.

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