You Are Telling Brave Believers…

It is difficult to comprehend everything Christians in Zimbabwe have experienced over the last five years.

They’ve dealt with constant political conflict; many have been forced to flee because of economic turmoil – an estimated 3 million Zimbabweans are living and working in South Africa; severe water shortages forced many to use untreated water; they are still suffering through an electricity crisis; and food insecurity and poverty, mostly caused by state land grabs, are devastating.

Despite this, Cozmore is helping to rebuild lives – both spiritually and physically – even as they feel insecure and vulnerable.  

God’s grace is sufficient, and so believers are still living out the Gospel of the Kingdom of God!

Cozmore and his team are just incredible. Despite having to move several times with his family, being robbed multiple times, and experiencing threats from ‘bad guys’, he has prepared a team that has fed around 5,000 young children a day for two months in the town of Victoria Falls. This is aside from the support of many widows and orphans in distant villages.

Vulnerable children waiting for food in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Cozmore is living courageously for Jesus. But I will never forget when he told me, “Uncle, sometimes it feels like we are living in hell!
We must continue to pray for and support Christians in Zimbabwe.

“Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.” John the Baptist (Luke 3:11)

When you have supported our Zimbabwe ministry, you are not just helping rebuild a church or a community – though you are certainly doing that. You are telling brave believers like Cozmore, Pastor Sylas, and Thenjiwe Tshabalala, that they have brothers and sisters who care enough about them to stand with them. (Reminder: your prayers and activism helped have Pastor Sylas released from prison and you blessed Thenjiwe with food, clothing, and bedding.

Thenjiwe was overwhelmed when Cozmore and Anesu dropped off gifts from your prayerful support

In fact, your prayers and support of our Zimbabwe ministry has led to cyber-recognition (not sure if this is a legitimate term) for Cozmore on a social network named #RealLifeHeroes, and a spot on the national television news. Praise the Lord!   

You are making a difference in the lives of many Christians and they know that they can walk securely in God’s family because they are not alone.

The two-month feeding of children in Victoria Falls is now coming to an end as the schools, borders and businesses open after lockdown. We are now putting effort into building our mission base near, Gwayi River – which already includes young men producing dark green vegetables, tomatoes, and cabbages to support our widows and orphans in the villages.

Thank you for your past help – and please continue to pray for Cozmore and believers like him in Zimbabwe.

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