Croc attack update

“Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8

On 15 August I wrote to you about Mpumelelo’s leg that needs to be amputated below the knee after he survived a crocodile attack.

Cozmore and Mpumelelo

My ministry co-worker, Cozmore, who has been the “man of the moment” for the burdened family, travelled cross border to South Africa to collect two pints of blood for the operation, which is due to take place tomorrow. (Friday Sept. 8).

Mpumelelo is experiencing lots of pain!

He has received the vitamins we sent him, thanks to two missionary friends acting as couriers. We are praying that these will help build up his immune system and strengthen his body to cope with the shock of the operation.

The amputation will take place in the state hospital in Bulawayo, which is the second-largest city in Zimbabwe. The doctor performing the procedure is a private practitioner.

I don’t quite know how to thank those of you who have given so freely to help this young man. I’m at a loss for words!

Cozmore has lately had his fair share of pain and suffering after having survived a terrible accident in an African taxi. His acute back pain, as well as pain of an ankle and knee, left him bedridden for days.

ITMI executive director Steve Evers made an immediate decision to help Cozmore get the best possible medical help. After two days of hospitalization, x-rays, injections, continuing physio therapy, and more home rest, Cozmore was well enough to travel, again by taxi, to help Mpumelelo through his ordeal.

And the reason Cozmore is traveling by taxi again? The night before he was to leave to help Mpumelelo, the back wheels were stolen off his borrowed car! Hey, this is Africa. But still, doesn’t a love partnership like this, across continents, connecting those who follow the Lord, make your day?

This mercy ministry is a wonderful example to the world of the blessing of Christianity; and the Gospel of the Kingdom at work in their midst!

Due to our ministry partners opening their hearts, we’ve been able to help with much more than just the operation and the future artificial limb. Two pints of blood, pain killers and Lord willing, rehabilitation will all be covered as and when the need arises.

Will you please pray for Mpumelelo?

Charl van Wyk

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