Thanks from Mpumelelo

“I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds.”
Psalm 9:1

Thanks from Mpumelelo

“Uncle, thank you for my leg. I’m in lots of pain.” This is how Mpumelelo thanked me in his broken English over the WhatsApp video call, set up by Cozmore, my ministry co-worker.

He waited patiently in hospital for a week before the operation, due to other emergency cases in Bulawayotaking precedence.

The four hour operation went very well and the day thereafter he wasn’t bleeding any longer. Praise the Lord! Another week in the hospital is expected.

In the meantime Cozmore is making arrangements to order the prosthetic limb.

Thank YOU very much again for blessing Mpumelelo with prayer, and the funds to have this medical procedure. Please carry on praying!

Because Mpumelelo has had this amputation, in the pagan culture of Africa, he can be considered useless to his family and so stands a high chance of being ostracized by family and the community. In some African cultures the elderly and infirm, perceived as being worthless to the tribe will be left behind as the nomadic tribe moves on – and they will die of hunger or be eaten by wild animals.

And some liberals think all cultures are equal!

Parents’ camp

Those transformed by the Gospel, on the other hand, reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the infirm, lost, elderly, fatherless and amputees.

It is for such reasons that we are planning to run a camp, in early November, for the parents of the youth we have been discipling in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe.

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ changes our selfish ideas and attitudes and replaces them with His love – that transcends all understanding.

Will you please prayerfully consider helping us take the Gospel to these parents? They are extremely poor and could never afford to attend a Gospel camp.

My friend, Pastor Joel Saint, director of the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society (USA), is kindly taking the time to come and preach and teach at this outreach.

The camp will cost $70.00 per parent. Won’t you and your family, or home cell group, consider sponsoring a couple for our weekend camp?

The whole community can be impacted by the Gospel through such an outreach.

Should you like to partner in this ministry, please click HERE for financial support and type ‘Zim camp’ in the comments section.

May His Kingdom come!

Charl van Wyk

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