Zimbabwe – Experiencing the Impossible

Zimbabwe – experiencing the impossible in a land where the very word “impossible” seems to describe most aspects of daily life. 

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has relaxed lockdown measures, which were imposed two months ago, but even still schools remain closed.

Intertown and city travel has since resumed and businesses have reopened. This enabled us to immediately start fencing our Gwayi River ministry base.

We need fencing to prevent “human-wildlife conflict,” protecting our milling house, future crops, water systems, and buildings from any unfriendly wild animals. The elephants are particularly destructive – fences reduce crop-raiding by elephants. The old reminder, “Good fences make good neighbors” rings true for all God’s creatures! 

And God is so good to us!

Our intention is to have a long-lasting Gospel impact in the community. We aim to do so in every facet—evangelism, discipleship, Biblical family teaching, small business training, subsistence farming, milling to help generate funds, etc.

It is difficult to fathom everything Christians in Zimbabwe experienced over the past couple of years. From constant political conflict to economic turmoil, severe water shortages, electricity crises, food insecurity, poverty, suffering, and more. It has been devastating! And this nation is no pleasure palace outside of a pandemic.

But, praise the Lord for Cozmore and his team who, by God’s grace, continue helping to restore hope and rebuild lives – both spiritually and physically – even as they feel insecure and vulnerable. 

The Lord has been good to our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe during these times of need; between our city ministry and our ministry base in the village of Gwayi River, Cozmore and his team have managed to help feed more than 8,000 hungry and destitute people through Project Joseph; especially widows, orphans, and the elderly.

The villagers in Zimbabwe are completely at the Lord’s mercy. The immense need for food in Gwayi River is only being met because of your continued generosity through Project Joseph! 

Cozmore explains: “Many of our African families still believe old wives’ tales such as when a person gets older, they “transition” into a witch or wizard. Prompted by this fear, the family members then tend to isolate the elderly. This suffering has been difficult to witness.” 

We stand in the gap to represent Christ! The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the only life-transforming message that can break down these evil ideas and bring dignity to our fellow man – the dignity God intended because we are made in His image.

Cozmore reminds us what Christians do: “We take care of all those suffering, including widows, orphans, and abandoned grandparents – we do not exclude people because of their age! We carry each other’s burdens.

In Touch Mission International’s recent Project Joseph donations have blessed us with the opportunity to distribute food hampers to our most vulnerable.  

218 Village families have been blessed with food, as have many widows and orphans. Food is also being stored for emergency situations we often come across in schools. 

God does the impossible! We have seen how His hand has provided daily, and I know He is still going to provide in the future!” 

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have,
for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”
 Hebrews 13:16

Before the outbreak, millions of Zimbabweans endured food shortages due to the combined effects of a devastating drought and a deepening economic crisis. Now, the situation is aggravated by the coronavirus and lockdowns.

We are so appreciative of the positive responses we have been receiving. One pastor’s wife wrote to us to thank us for Project Joseph being the embodiment of Christ’s work on Earth! 

It is so fulfilling to see the positive impact of Christ’s love throughout these devastating times. Thank you for helping make all the difference. 

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